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Doctor Strange 2016 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online Download

Doctor Strange 2016 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online Download

Doctor Strange (2016) Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Watch Online

Doctor Strange (2016)HindiLinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Hindilinks4u:
Director Hindilinks4u:Scott Derrickson
Producer:Kevin Feige

Music:Michael Giacchino

Genre :Adventure,Action, Fantasy,  Thriller

Cast :Benedict Cumberbatch , Chiwetel Ejiofor , Rachel McAdams , Benedict Wong , Mads Mikkelsen , Tilda Swinton , Michael Stuhlbarg , Benjamin Bratt , Scott Adkins , Zara Phythian , Alaa Safi , Katrina Durden , Topo Wresniwiro , Umit Ulgen , Linda Louise Duan , Mark Anthony Brighton , Meera Syal , Amy Landecker , Adam Pelta-Pauls , Sarah Malin , Eben Young , Kobna Holdbrook-Smith , Elizabeth Healey , Guillaume Faure , Daniel Dow , Ezra Khan , Kimberly Van Luin , Pat Kiernan , Mairead Armstrong , Raj Awasti , Annarie Boor , Dante Briggins , Jill Buchanan , Bern Collaco , Anna Elizabeth Eaton , Daniel Eghan , Juani Feliz , Cliff Ferraro , Sian Francis , Ulises Galeano , Alison Garner , Martavious Gayles , Chris Hemsworth , Leigh Holland , Mo Idriss , Tamika Katon-Donegal , Stan Lee , Faith Logan , Tyrone Love , Pezh Maan , Cameron Moon , Shina Shihoko Nagai , Emily Ng , Emeson Nwolie , Jag Patel , Andreas Pliatsikas , Michelle Santiago , Tina Simmons , Rachel Emma Slack , Clem So , Tony Paul West , Ruolan Zhang ,

Doctor Strange (2016)Hindilinks4u Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Story:

In Kathmandu, Nepal, the sorcerer Kaecilius and his zealots enter the secret compound Kamar-Taj and murder its librarian, keeper of ancient and mystical texts. They steal a ritual from a book belonging to the Ancient One, a sorcerer who has lived for an unknown time and taught all at Kamar-Taj, including Kaecilius, in the ways of the mystic arts. The Ancient One pursues the traitors, but Kaecilius escapes with the pages and some of his followers. Stephen Strange, an acclaimed neurosurgeon, loses the use of his hands in a car accident. His co-worker and former lover Christine Palmer tries to help him move on, but Strange, believing he can regain use of his hands, instead uses all his resources pursuing experimental surgeries in vain. After learning of Jonathon Pangborn, a paraplegic who mysteriously was able to walk again, Strange seeks him out, and is directed to Kamar-Taj. There, Strange is taken in by another sorcerer under the Ancient One, Mordo. The Ancient One shows Strange her power, revealing the astral plane and other dimensions such as the Mirror Dimension. Strange begs her to teach him, and she eventually agrees despite his arrogance, which reminds her of Kaecilius. Strange begins his tutelage under the Ancient One and Mordo, and learns from the ancient books in the library, now presided over by the master Wong. Strange learns that Earth is protected from other dimensions by a spell formed from three buildings called Sanctums, found in New York City, London, and Hong Kong. The task of the sorcerers is to protect the Sanctums, though Pangborn chose to forgo this responsibility in favor of channeling mystical energy into walking again. Strange advances quickly over several months, even secretly reading from the text Kaecilius stole from and learning to bend time with the mystical Eye of Agamotto. Mordo and Wong warn Strange against breaking the laws of nature, comparing his arrogant yearning for power to that of Kaecilius, who believes, after the deaths of his loved ones, that everyone should have eternal life. Kaecilius and his followers use the stolen pages to begin summoning the powerful Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, where time does not exist and all can live forever. This destroys the London Sanctum, and sends Strange from Kamar-Taj to the New York Sanctum. The zealots then attack there, where Strange holds them off with the mystical Cloak of Levitation until Mordo and the Ancient One arrive. Strange and Mordo become disillusioned with the Ancient One after Kaecilius reveals that her long life has come from her own use of Dormammu’s power. Kaecilius mortally wounds the Ancient One, and escapes to Hong Kong. The Ancient One tells Strange that he, too, will have to break the rules, to balance Mordo’s steadfast nature. She then dies, despite the best efforts of Strange and a bewildered Palmer. Strange and Mordo arrive in Hong Kong to find Wong dead and the Sanctum destroyed, with the Dark Dimension already engulfing Earth. Strange uses the Eye to turn back time and save Wong, before creating an infinite time loop inside the Dark Dimension that traps himself and Dormammu in the same moment forever. Strange agrees to break the loop if Dormammu leaves Earth, and the latter takes Kaecilius and the zealots with him. Disgusted by Strange and the Ancient One’s disregard for the consequences of defying nature, Mordo departs. Strange returns the Eye, which Wong calls an Infinity Stone, to Kamar-Taj, and then takes up residence in the New York Sanctum to continue his studies. In a mid-credits scene, Strange is visited there by Thor, who has brought his brother Loki to Earth to search for their father Odin. In a post-credits scene, Mordo visits Pangborn and steals the energy he uses to walk, stating that Earth has too many sorcerers.

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